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Your Privacy

Proprietary Rights of Others

It is unlawful to posses unauthorized copyrighted material. This includes material owned by IOLBV, as well as copyrighted material of others. IOLBV strictly prohibits the use of its services provided for the exchange, sale, purchase, download or copy of any content that infringes upon anyone's intellectual property rights, unless you have the legal right to do so. This includes but is not limited to any copyright, trademark, rights of publicity, rights of privacy or other proprietary rights. IOLBV also prohibits the exporting of software or technical information in violation of U.S. or other applicable export control laws.

Infringing upon any of the proprietary rights listed above can lead to the termination of your service and may even subject you to further legal action beyond termination. If other content owners take civil or criminal action against you, you agree to hold harmless IOLBV and its employees, business partners, related companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, and agents. If your work has been copied and is accessible on IOLBV's service in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, you may notify IOLBV by sending an email to

By posting or submitting content on your personal Web pages hosted by IOLBV, you are representing that you are the owner of such material or have the authorization to distribute it. By posting content on your personal Web page, you grant us the right to display, adapt, modify, promote and copy the content in any form for the purposes of, but not limited to, backing up of the server, maintenance of the server, assistance with problems or with any issues related to the Terms of Service.

Our System and Network Security

You may not tamper with other accounts, or commit unauthorized intrusion into any part of the IOLBV systems. This includes machinery, files, accounts, networks and equipment. You may not attempt to bypass the network firewall. This includes attempting to run any service on a port other than the well-known ports for that service. You may not attempt to bypass the DHCP system or use any IP address that has not been assigned to you by the DHCP server, network administrator or system administrator. You may not use any of IOLBV's machinery, equipment, files, accounts or networks to intrude into any other system without authorization.

You may not use any of the services of IOLBV not included in your account setup, or devise ways to circumvent security in order to access services you are not paying for. This clause includes, but is not limited to, the scanning of our network or other networks with the intent to breach and/or evaluate security, whether or not the intrusion results in access or not. You may not use the services provided by IOLBV to access the accounts of others or compromise the security measures of IOLBV or any other entity's systems ("hacking") even if it does not result in access.

You may not use the system in a manner that encumbers disk space, processors or other system resources beyond those allowed by the specific type of account setup. You may not make deliberate attempts to interfere with a service, overload a service or attempt to disable a host. You may not access our services to create computer malfunctions or attempt to interrupt services provided.

IOLBV will react strongly to the use or attempted use of Internet services or systems without the owner's authorization. This clause includes, but is not limited to, password cracking, defrauding others into releasing their passwords, denial-of-service attacks, sending packets with an illegal packet size, UDP flooding, ping-flooding, half-open TCP connection flooding, harmful alterations of services, harmful and malicious destruction of data, injection of computer viruses, distribution of viruses through the use of Services, intentional invasion of privacy, reading of files without authorization, etc. Additionally, you may not use programs, scripts, commands or send messages with the intent to interfere with a user's terminal session.

IOLBV does not allow users to sell, or rent their service to third parties, unless otherwise specified in your individual Service Level Agreement. Revealing your account password to others or allowing the use of your account by others (other than authorized users in your household) is not permitted. IOLBV does not permit the use of the same username and password combination for simultaneous login.

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