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About Brazos Valley's only filtered Internet Service Provider

Integrity Online Brazos Valley was created in 1998 when the founders of Dominion Lasercom, Inc., David Panak and Mark Doucet, found that they needed an internet test bed for their newly developed DAViD free space optic product. David and Mark wanted pornography free internet for their office environment, and felt that they could provide that same clean internet connection as a service to the Brazos Valley community.

Since that time, IOLBV has gone through many changes and technical upgrades which allow us to offer the high quality, highly advanced filtered internet that we offer today. One of the unique features of Integrity Online is that we filter objectionable material. We do that through two different systems. First, we block searches for inappropriate words, and secondly, we block access to inappropriate sites. We believe you will find the filter to be very effective. However, because the Internet is changing and growing so rapidly, it is possible that a site may get through.

This is the reason we are a team. If you should find an objectionable site, please email us the address at We will add it to our filter right away so that all of our customers will be protected.

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